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WHERE TO DRINK >Stay up-to-date

DRINK > Cantina OK! it is tiny but it is also fabulous

At the end of a dark alley off Clarence Street, not far from the Sydney Town Hall you will find a micro mezcal bar that you are probably going to want to make your regular. Cantina Ok! opened in 2019 and it really is a tiny bar, it…

DRINK > Caterpillar Club, Sydney

The Caterpillar Club was created as an association of people whose lives had been saved by using a parachute when they jumped from an airplane, well thats what I learned from wikipedia anyway but I am not sure that has much to do with the latest bar from the team…

DRINK > Fix Wine Bar, Sydney

The team at Fix Wine Bar love their wine. It doesn’t really matter to them if you are drinking a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, or a Grand Cru Barolo they show the same enthusiasm. Led by Stu Knox who was recognised as sommelier of the year in 2012…

DRINK > Busby’s Bar, Paddington (Sydney)

Busby's feels a bit more like a bar you might find in Tokyo or Kyoto rather than Paddington and that is due to the resurgent popularity old vinyl and enjoying those good tunes in a funky dark space. But Busby's is in Paddington, Sydney not Japan so it…

The Sydney Guide >

Sydney is without any doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world.   From the stunning harbour that glistens to the Opera House, Sydney’s beautiful beaches and vibrant restaurants.

There is plenty of creativity and design here after all it is home to the worlds largest gay mardi gras festival (held annually in March).  

Sydney people love being outside be that running on a beach, paddling a kayak on the harbour, surfing, cycling or hanging out at a hotel beer garden or a cafe in a park, being outside is key.   And that is probably connected to the wonderful mild climate that the city benefits from most of the year round.

WHERE TO HAVE COFFEEIts more than just a caffinated beverage you know

CAFE > Tropicana, Sydney
Back in 1980 there were very few places in Sydney that served espresso coffee and cappuccino, but one of those was the Tropicana Cafe, know to most as simply 'the trop'. It is a super casual, laid back place where Sydney learned to fall in love with its…
CAFE > Home Croissanterie, Balmain Sydney
Balmain was once a working class suburb with an early opening pub on each corner of the street but since the early 1980s when the port's were closed down and the land converted to apartments, Balmain has become a super desirable suburb to live. Just a 10 minute…
Bills Bondi > Image Credit | Bills
CAFE > Bills, Sydney
Bills is the cafe that made breakfast something more serious for Sydneysiders, originally it was in Liverpool Street Darlinghurst (it opened in 1993). There was a large communal table and for many people it was the first place that they experienced avocado on toast. It was also…
CAFE > Room Ten, Potts Point
Llankelly Place runs parallel to Macklay Street and only a few years ago it would have been way too seedy for a fancy coffee or breakfast bar, but after all of the change in Kings Cross you are more likely to be run over by a real estate agent in…


The Best Places To Eat In Melbourne
EAT > Parlar Restaurant – Potts Point
Over the years there have been some very fine eateries in Maclay Street, Potts Point.  You could slip out of the sleaze of Kings Cross walking down Darlinghurst Road to arrive in the style of Potts Point, eat something delicious and then wind your way back to one of the…
EAT > Tetsuya’s Restaurant in Sydney CBD is moving – its the End of an Era
Tetsuya Wakada
Tetsuya Wakuda AO started his restaurant of the same name in a townhouse in Rozelle in 1989 some 34 years ago, it was an immediate hit and he was at the very cutting edge of the Australian culinary scene.  His brilliant precision in creating extraordinary dishes that blended fine French…
EAT > Promenade Bondi Beach
Promenade is the newest restaurant in Bondi and the premium tennant in the newly renovated Bondi Pavilion which is right on the foreshore at Bondi Beach in Sydney. With so many restaurant options around it is a challenge to have a smart new venture with quality fine dining, a…
EAT > Restaurant Hubert is magic
MAGIC Restaurant Hubert is very hard to position, when you describe it to people who have never visited before it is a bit like describing time travel. Imagine opening an unassuming door under a city office tower, descending down a flight of stairs with rich wood panelling and…
EAT > Beppi’s The Original
When people refer to a restaurant as being an institution, they are talking about a place that has been around for 10+ years, but with Beppi's it really is an institution and has been operating out of the same location for approaching 70 years. Started in 1956 by Beppi…
EAT > Taruhachi Bento
Down a flight of stairs, past a coffee and focaccia bar, and barber shop there are a few high chairs lined up outside a mysterious door. I walked past this door not really noticing for nearly two years, until this week I ventured inside and was immediately transported to…
EAT > Alberto Lounge (Sydney)
Finding Alberto's takes a little confidence, down a back alley, a lane off another lane, in what was once a very seedy part corner of city where the Sydney CBD meets Surry Hills.  When you arrive the sign is simple ALBERTO LOUNGE, it doesn't really look like a restaurant.…

Sydney Restaurants >

Sydney knows how to do posh, restaurants like the wonderful Tetsuya made the early in roads as Australia developed its cuisine and fine dining restaurants in the 1980s. Then it was restaurants like Rockpool, Bennelong, Aria and Bondi Icebergs with celebrity chef’s incredible views and cutting edge cuisine that took the Sydney dining experience to a different level. 

The next generation of restaurants all maximise the culinary heritage of a multicultural city but they also pay homage to the supermodel city that Sydney is – they maximise the views and glamourise the dining experience.


Almanak Guide to Melbourne's Best Hotels
STAY > Little National, SYDNEY
The Little National Hotel is located in the Wynyard part of the Sydney, CBD (Central Business District). Which makes it a perfect place for a business trip to Sydney. Conveniently located on Clarence Street with a short walk down to Barangaroo, George Street or The Rocks; The Little National is designed as a place to stay, work and mingle. The hotel literally sits right above the Wynyard Train Station so it is very easy to go down on the elevator and jump on a train somewhere if that is what you need, its also an easy…
STAY > The Morris Hotel, Sydney
The Morris is one of the newest hotels in the Sydney CBD, part of the Accor Groups ‘Handwritten Collection’ this is a boutique hotel with the structure of a big hotel group. Located at the grittier Haymarket end of Pitt Street, close to China Town, Surry Hills and Central Station. The Morris offers smart rooms, a small restaurant and bar. Originally built in 1929 by an Italian Australian architect Virgil Dante Cizzio and it remained Australia’s tallest hotel for 34 years and boasted both hot and cold running water, which can still be seen on written on…
STAY > Paramount House Hotel, Sydney
The Paramount House Hotel is a boutique hotel that resides in the old offices of Paramount Pictures. Today it is a very funky space with rooms that are cleverly designed to feel like the very best of your home. That is if you have french linen sheets, polished wooden floors, insanely comfortable beds, handwoven rugs and merino throws (of course you do!). There are twenty nine rooms in the hotel which was restored by architects Fox Johnston, the rebuild retained the art deco facade but it took nearly nine years to rebuild the interior. …
STAY > Ace Hotel, Sydney
The Ace Hotel in Sydney knows how to party. It is definitely that kind of place. If you are looking for a low key discreet place to chill, then this is probably not the place for you. If you are looking for a hotel that is party central then good chance you have arrived at the right place. Part of the Ace Hotel group, this is their first hotel in the Southern Hemisphere with others in Brooklyn, New York, Toronto, Kyoto, Seattle, Portland, Palm Springs, New Orleans and soon in Athens and Fukuoka. Rooms feature floor…

Fliteboard Series 3

You might have seen one, racing across water, surfing without waves, gliding or racing, it is clear that there is a new and exhilarating to get your water adrenalin fix and that the e-Foil. Australian company Fliteboard are making the most popular e-Foil on the market and gaining acclaim all over the world.

The new model (Series 3) is a full of innovations and new features and new technology. The propulsion has been redesigned and is scalable and interchangeable, this allows the rider to change from propeller to jet and back as best suits the conditions.

The new battery is lighter and last longer, there are new foil wings with lower drag and enabling higher performance, this is more than enough to get you whipping across the bay, comfortably carrying a rider weighing up to 120 kg…!!!

Origin of Flite

The founder of Flite is former kite-surfing world record holder David Trewern, was at a kitefoiling event in 2016 when he had the thought: ‘What if I didn’t have to wait for the wind. What if I could just attach an electric motor to my foil?’

In the workshop he sketched out his designs and ideas, built prototypes until he found the right mix, now Flite boards are all over the world and has created its own new category of water sport.

Trewern claims about that first ride ‘It was magical. The feeling of freedom was like nothing else.’ And that has translated to global success with more than 330 authorised partners selling boards, Fliteschools across the world, and offices in three countries: Australia, The Netherlands and The United States.

Fliteboards come in five different models that best suit the riders experience with the boards available in fibreglass and carbon fibre and a modular and upgradable range of customisation that starts at $15,495 AUD up to $20,995 for the Ultra L designed to be ultra light and highly responsive in varied surf conditions.


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