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ALMANAK the best of every year

It started in 2022 with founders Crispin and Angie were discussing the lack of magazines they want to read anymore.  With everything getting cut down to fit social media and the shortest attention span there is a gap in the need for some real content. 

Magazines of quality a few still around many decades gone, Interview, Arena, The Face, Paper, Wallpaper, are the inspiration.

The content focuses on the best cities to visit, restaurants to eat in, wines to drink, and the stories of interesting, talented and creative people in interviews.

Crispin who started his career in publishing in magazines in the 1980s decided this was a great time to make a digital magazine that they would really enjoy reading. Quality over clicks, no irrelevant and annoying advertising.  Inspiring, positive and without bias.

Almanak launched at the end of 2022 to find and report the best of every year.  We know ‘best’ is entirely subjective but that is half the fun.

We hope you enjoy it.

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