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EAT > Lollo (14/20)

Lollo is a hotel restaurant. There I have said it straight up. And as is the case with many hotel restaurants there are some good and some not so good aspects of that come from being part of a very large hospitality venue and a global hotel chain. Lollo sits fashionably on Melbourne's Flinders Lane…

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STAY > Agora Tokyo Ginza, Tokyo

The Agora Ginza Hotel is a welcome hotel for travellers sticking to a budget but wanting a great location and a reasonable room. Rooms have the kind of features you expect from a nice hotel in Japan, (thinking a warm toilet seat with all the functions), slippers, jinbei (japanese pajamas), bottled water,…

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CAFE > Turret, Tokyo

It doesn’t seem that long ago that finding a decent espresso in Tokyo was quite a difficult thing. There were a few Tully Coffee Shops and a few Starbucks but that was it. A wasteland for those needing a real caffeine fix. Turret Coffee was the exception, down by the Tsukijii Tuna…

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CAFE > Common Well, Kyoto

Common Well opened to provide ‘Melbourne Style’ coffee experience in Kyoto and they are doing just that (in a Japanese way) at a newly opened cafe Just down the road from the Nishiki Markets. They serve long black, short black, flat whites, they even serve what's referred to as a "magic", …

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CAFE > Goodman Roaster, Kyoto

Goodman Roaster opened in Kyoto in 2019, it is a small cafe and coffee roaster with 85 different coffees from all over the world. One of the key differences is the Taiwanese coffee, owner Ito-san travelled from Kyoto to Taiwan and was introduced to coffee from the Alishan mountain area. His…

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STAY > Hotel IMU, Kyoto

Finding a hotel in Kyoto for a reasonable price in the middle of Sakura season is hard. Not surprisingly the selection of incredible hotels and ryokans all increase the cost to stay or are booked out early and you are left with some other choices. One of those choices is the IMU Hotel, its…

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Fliteboard Series 3

You might have seen one, racing across water, surfing without waves, gliding or racing, it is clear that there is a new and exhilarating to get your water adrenalin fix and that the e-Foil. Australian company Fliteboard are making the most popular e-Foil on the market and gaining acclaim all over the world.

The new model (Series 3) is a full of innovations and new features and new technology. The propulsion has been redesigned and is scalable and interchangeable, this allows the rider to change from propeller to jet and back as best suits the conditions.

The new battery is lighter and last longer, there are new foil wings with lower drag and enabling higher performance, this is more than enough to get you whipping across the bay, comfortably carrying a rider weighing up to 120 kg…!!!

Origin of Flite

The founder of Flite is former kite-surfing world record holder David Trewern, was at a kitefoiling event in 2016 when he had the thought: ‘What if I didn’t have to wait for the wind. What if I could just attach an electric motor to my foil?’

In the workshop he sketched out his designs and ideas, built prototypes until he found the right mix, now Flite boards are all over the world and has created its own new category of water sport.

Trewern claims about that first ride ‘It was magical. The feeling of freedom was like nothing else.’ And that has translated to global success with more than 330 authorised partners selling boards, Fliteschools across the world, and offices in three countries: Australia, The Netherlands and The United States.

Fliteboards come in five different models that best suit the riders experience with the boards available in fibreglass and carbon fibre and a modular and upgradable range of customisation that starts at $15,495 AUD up to $20,995 for the Ultra L designed to be ultra light and highly responsive in varied surf conditions.


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