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Bar TRENCH, Bar TRIAD and Bar TRAM are all part of the Small AXE group of bars found in Ebisu, Tokyo. Each of them offer something a little special and make the region a great place for a night of bar hopping. Ebisu might not have been on your…

DRINK > Gen Yamamoto, Tokyo

You have eaten an omakase (degustation course) before but have you experienced an omakase cocktail bar? Probably not. With only 8 seats this bar has a slightly reverential experience as cocktails are elevated beyond mere libation to fine palate experiences. You have to make a reservation (at least…

DRINK > Bar Soul B, Tokyo

Bar Soul B is a bar we have walked past more than a dozen times, each time thinking we must go down and check that place out, never doing so. But last night we decided it was time, a rainy night in Shibuya and we wandered down in…

DRINK > Mikkella Bar, Shibuya

Sharing the same space as the About Life Cafe (read our review here) in the evening they pull down some venetian blinds that cover the coffee shop and pull up the venetian blinds that open the bar. The rest of the space is the same… It is tucked…

DRINK > Bar INC, Shibuya

INC is only a few streets away from the chaos of downtown Shibuya but it is in a quiet district with only a few bars and restaurants in the otherwise residential neighbourhood. Bar INC is a brand new (opened in Feb 2024) stylish underground oasis mixing…

The Tokyo Guide >

Tokyo is a city of culture, history, hyper modern.  Of remarkable architecture, incredible kitsch and stunning temples.

A place where each of its larger precincts could merit a travel guide we try to capture the best and the places we believe where an ALMANAK reader will want to EAT > DRINK > SHOP > STAY > PLAY > SEE  & DO.

But if we miss your favourite or you make an incredible discovery please let us know because we want to keep all of you better informed.

WHERE TO HAVE COFFEEIts more than just a caffinated beverage you know

CAFE > Parklet Bakery, Tokyo
In the residential streets of Nihonbashi you will find one of Tokyo's nicest cafe's, a great stop for breakfast or lunch. Next to a small park (Horidome) and children's playground this cafe features stunning range of bread and pastries. Run by two Californian's Kate & Jerry Jaksich, (Kate previously managed…
CAFE > Bread, Espresso &, Shibuya
If you arrive in Tokyo early in the morning and go looking for coffee you are going to be a little surprised. This is a city where retail opens at 11am and many of the food and drink venues similarly don’t open. Sure you can find a…
CAFE > Sedai Coffee & Roasters, Shibuya
Sedai Coffee & Roasters is another place that might be a blessing when searching for an early coffee. Open from 9am to 7.30pm each day the simple store on Cat Street offers a range of fresh brews. This is a coffee store first and foremost it is not…
CAFE > About Life Coffee Brewers, Shibuya
About Life is a funky coffee shop close to Shibuya station, probably the best coffee in that area. A simple menu the shop sells espresso, brews (hot and cold) and cold drip coffee. They have a small food menu and the space is ‘funky’ in that classic…


The Best Places To Eat In Tokyo
EAT > Fujimaru, Osaka
Osaka is well known for its street food, with 222 listings in the Michelin Guide (3 for 3 star, 9 for 2 star and 80 for 1 star) you know that they are serious about food. But what about wine, well that is a little harder to find,…
EAT > Menchirashi, Shibuya
Udon, the under rated noodle. Its chewy and tasty, fresh and filling and at Menchirashi it is made into an enormous range of wonderful dishes, from traditional Udon (noodle) soup dishes to a Japanese twist on Carbonara. You do need to line up and yes it will probably take about…
EAT > Ryan, Tokyo
Did someone say Soba? Ryan is not quite your standard Tokyo noodle stop. It is a stylish room with tables as well as bar seating, seating is comfortable and you can easily settle in for something of a session here. And let us be clear this…
EAT > Sushi M, Tokyo
It was back in January 2023 and we were returning from Japan and we bumped into the incredibly talented Nicky Reimer chef of Bellota Restaurant on our flight home, sharing stories of food and travel, I asked her what was the best food experience you had in Japan she did…
EAT > Julia, Shibuya Tokyo (19/20)
I love wandering the fashionable streets of Omotesando in Shibuya, there are brilliant fashion stores, smart designer furniture and iconic one of a kind homewares. Some streets seem to have nothing but hair dressers and others feature brilliant coffee shops. But venture just a little further into the more residential…
EAT > J U L I A Omakase, Tokyo (18/20)
Tokyo is has the most Michelin starred restaurants in the world, it is no wonder that in this incredible city fine food is expressed in so many ways and so there are so many choices. The Michelin guide lists 461 fine dining restaurants in Tokyo of those listed 199…

Tokyo Restaurants >

With incredible fine dining options with cuisine from all over the world.    

For a long time Melbourne was the city with the second largest greek population in the world, which has led to numerous Greek Restaurants on Lonsdale Street.  

Lygon Street in Carlton on the city Fringe is home to numerous Italian restaurants.  Victoria Street in Richmond (again on the city Fringe) is the home to the cities Vietnamese restaurants.  

Melbournes Chinatown runs down Little Bourke Street and explodes out on side streets.  There is also a Korean food district.

When it comes to fine dining there are restaurants with amazing views like Atria and Vue de Monde which both sit at the top of towers with spectacular views over the city.

But check our reviews for the latest in delicious.


Almanak Guide to Tokyo's Best Hotels
STAY > Hoshinoya Tokyo
The Hoshinoya Hotel is in the heart of Tokyo's economic centre Maranouchi. A short walk from the Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station it sits amongst the office towers, from the outside you can see the metal skin screening the facade (a design akin to interlinked lotus flowers). The hotel was designed by architect Rie Azuma who has designed the first four of the Hoshinoya Hotels for the Hoshino Hotel Group (there are now eight Hoshinoya Ryokan Hotels, six in Japan with one in Taiwan and another in Bali). The intention from the outset was to create a traditional Japanese Ryokan…
STAY > Hotel TRUNK, Tokyo
Finding a hotel that fits you like a glove is a rare thing, it is likely that somethings about the place you will love but others let you down a little. We have stayed at TRUNK which is towards the bottom of Cat Street in Shibuya three times now and there are some reasons why this has become our go to hotel for Tokyo. Its the style, the location, the rooms, the robes, the drip coffee in the rooms, the bar and the staff. The building itself sits as a green oasis of plants and just…
STAY > All Day Place, Tokyo
Located just off Meji Dori Avenue in Shibuya, the All Day Place Hotel is hidden away above a cafe / craft beer bar in a tower building. A simple place with rooms that are functional with smart design at a reasonable price. SLEEP > Rooms come with the usual Pyjamas, reusable Slippers (no thanks), quality ammenities (Shampoo, Conditioner, Hand & Body wash), Organic bamboo toothbrush, and Toothpaste paper (interesting). There is also a large safety box (not a safe), hair dryer, humidifier, and a large TV with screen mirroring. It Tokyo so you know the…
STAY > Andaz Hotel, Tokyo
Andaz is a luxury hotel part of the Hyatt brand and the Andaz Toranomon Hills (Tokyo) has recently been voted as one of the best hotels in Asia. So a great time to revisit what makes this such a great hotel. With 164 rooms in the tower and check in on the 51st floor you know that part of staying at the Andaz is all about the views which are amazing you sit looking out across Tokyo and at night the view of Tokyo Tower is stunning. On a clear day you can even see Mt Fuji. Rooms…

Fliteboard Series 3

You might have seen one, racing across water, surfing without waves, gliding or racing, it is clear that there is a new and exhilarating to get your water adrenalin fix and that the e-Foil. Australian company Fliteboard are making the most popular e-Foil on the market and gaining acclaim all over the world.

The new model (Series 3) is a full of innovations and new features and new technology. The propulsion has been redesigned and is scalable and interchangeable, this allows the rider to change from propeller to jet and back as best suits the conditions.

The new battery is lighter and last longer, there are new foil wings with lower drag and enabling higher performance, this is more than enough to get you whipping across the bay, comfortably carrying a rider weighing up to 120 kg…!!!

Origin of Flite

The founder of Flite is former kite-surfing world record holder David Trewern, was at a kitefoiling event in 2016 when he had the thought: ‘What if I didn’t have to wait for the wind. What if I could just attach an electric motor to my foil?’

In the workshop he sketched out his designs and ideas, built prototypes until he found the right mix, now Flite boards are all over the world and has created its own new category of water sport.

Trewern claims about that first ride ‘It was magical. The feeling of freedom was like nothing else.’ And that has translated to global success with more than 330 authorised partners selling boards, Fliteschools across the world, and offices in three countries: Australia, The Netherlands and The United States.

Fliteboards come in five different models that best suit the riders experience with the boards available in fibreglass and carbon fibre and a modular and upgradable range of customisation that starts at $15,495 AUD up to $20,995 for the Ultra L designed to be ultra light and highly responsive in varied surf conditions.


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