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With so much written about Roma you are going to have vast amounts of information on what to see and where to go.  So we are not going to repeat what you will find in your Lonely Planet or Fodors Guide.  Rather we want you to find the boutique hotel, designer store, funky bar and locals restaurant. 

When you are in Rome you should always spend plenty of time in the many Piazza where you will find amazing architecture and the beauty that makes this the eternal city.  Of course that means a visit to see the majesty of the Vatican which is face an amazing place for people watching even if you are not a believer or not keen to see Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper‘ masterpiece it is still worth getting a ticket for the Dan Brown mystique of the place but do go early to avoid the crowds.

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The Best Places To Eat Like a Local in Roma
EAT > Roscioli, Salumeria con Cucina, Rome
If you are travelling to Rome there is a very good chance people are going to say, you have to go to that Salami place, the one near Campo de Fiori, it's brilliant. What people might not tell you is that if you want to eat there bookings are…
EAT > Ristorante Giulio Passami L’olio, Rome
On any trip to Rome you are likely to have someone tell you about their favourite restaurant, a little place that is down a lane way, off on a quiet street far from the tourists and the piazza. Giulio Passami L'olio is one of those places, if like us…
EAT > Ristorante All’Oro, Rome
All'Oro is a restaurant of creativity and individuality. A Michelin Starred restaurant in the lower ground of the boutique hotel H'all Tailored Suites. Chef and owner Riccardo Di Gacinto and his wife Ramona bring a playfulness to the presentation of the dishes but each is also…
EAT > Per Me, Rome (19/20)
Chef Giulio Terrinoni started his career in his home town of Fiuggi (about an hours drive to the east of Rome), his family owned a restaurant and he grew up around food and service. He moved to Rome and quickly built a career working in great restaurants learning from…

Rome's Restaurants >

From the incredible Salumeria Roscioli to the Michelin Stars of Per Me and Ristorante All’Oro there is food for every palate and every wallet.

Eat the remarkable pizza at Casa Manco in the Testaccio Market and find the perfect gelato.  

Find small back street family run bistro’s full of welcoming locals, boisterous wine bars with passionate owners.  We find the places that surprise and delight as you search Roma for La Dolce Vita.


Almanak Guide to Rome's Best Hotels
STAY > Hotel H’all Tailor Suite
You know it is not all about the breakfast but at this hotel it is definitely a consideration. Hotel H'all is a boutique hotel of just 14 suites each with it's own style and identity. It is also home to Michelin Starred Ristorante All'Oro (ALMANAK 18/20) which is downstairs. That means that breakfast at the Hotel H'all is going to be one to remember with house made patisseries, jams, maritozzi and bombe. Other choices include perfect eggs, pancakes, sliced meats and cheese and of course a selection of champagne. EAT > Ristorante All’Oro, Rome There…
STAY > Soho House Rome
The Soho House brand has gone global and the once slightly secretive hipster private club now has venues around the world and some of them are excellent hotel choices for those looking for comfort, style and familiarity. Soho House Rome is a dedicated building 10 floors with a gym, rooftop pool, the Soho House signatory Cowshed spa and the Cecconi's Terrazza restaurant on the open rooftop. There is no question that this is a very smart and stylish space that becomes its own oasis in the centre of Rome. Located in the San Lorenzo quarter Soho House is a…
STAY > G-Rough, Rome
Just off the Piazza Navona at the end of a quiet little square and across the road from the famous Roman 'talking statue' Pasquino, you will find the design hotel G-Rough a bespoke ten room hotel. Set in a 17th century building the rooms offset the rough patina on the walls with slightly weathered (and lived in) design classic furniture. The hotel has a concierge, lounge, bar and there is even a laundry. Room rates usually include a continental breakfast. Hotel founder Gabriele Salini has a passion for art, history, architecture and in 2013 set out…

Fliteboard Series 3

You might have seen one, racing across water, surfing without waves, gliding or racing, it is clear that there is a new and exhilarating to get your water adrenalin fix and that the e-Foil. Australian company Fliteboard are making the most popular e-Foil on the market and gaining acclaim all over the world.

The new model (Series 3) is a full of innovations and new features and new technology. The propulsion has been redesigned and is scalable and interchangeable, this allows the rider to change from propeller to jet and back as best suits the conditions.

The new battery is lighter and last longer, there are new foil wings with lower drag and enabling higher performance, this is more than enough to get you whipping across the bay, comfortably carrying a rider weighing up to 120 kg…!!!

Origin of Flite

The founder of Flite is former kite-surfing world record holder David Trewern, was at a kitefoiling event in 2016 when he had the thought: ‘What if I didn’t have to wait for the wind. What if I could just attach an electric motor to my foil?’

In the workshop he sketched out his designs and ideas, built prototypes until he found the right mix, now Flite boards are all over the world and has created its own new category of water sport.

Trewern claims about that first ride ‘It was magical. The feeling of freedom was like nothing else.’ And that has translated to global success with more than 330 authorised partners selling boards, Fliteschools across the world, and offices in three countries: Australia, The Netherlands and The United States.

Fliteboards come in five different models that best suit the riders experience with the boards available in fibreglass and carbon fibre and a modular and upgradable range of customisation that starts at $15,495 AUD up to $20,995 for the Ultra L designed to be ultra light and highly responsive in varied surf conditions.


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